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Ghost Park

Ghost Park
  • Hello hello everyone! It's me, Ghost! I'm a Korean-American street punk that loves to get into mischief and getting lost in the woods. Some of my hobbies include hiking/camping, tinkering on whatever I can get my hands on, and playing guitar. If you've followed me on social media for a while, you also know that I'm really big into airsoft! I do my best to dress all intimidating and what not, but on the inside, I like to think of myself as soft and fuzzy (not to mention warm and tight!)

    I'm a big sub that prefers bottoming. Some of my favorite kinks/fetishes are pet play and bdsm! Despite my small size, I really enjoy the challenge of taking big dicks/toys, and size differences are such a huge turn on for me!

    I'm so excited that I finally got to work with Grooby, and I hope to work with them many more times in the future! If you like what you see here, be sure to check me out on twitter

Ghost's Scenes

Getting Off Work

Sydney Summers comes home from work and finds Ghost reading a book. Sydney's had a day and Ghost is feeling her up, getting her turned on for some after work sex! Soon they're sucking each others cocks, Ghost with her panties in her mouth! After Sydney has eaten Ghost out she fucks her!

16th Aug 2023

37:51 HD Video

    Rating: N/A


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